shiroshine August 24, 2007  11:29
My nephew Floyd looks great! Like he's having a good time! Thanks for all!
Susan May 5, 2006  3:17
Hi! You stopped by my site awhile back and I thought I'd revisit yours. It looks great! :)
Grandma Marilyn March 8, 2006  9:20
Congratulations! The pictures are great! I can't wait to get over and hold him.
Kari Grossman March 7, 2006  9:26
Congratulations...I had a feeling I would find some pictures here. He's beautiful! Great job Kate...I have to say that I'm surprised you went home so soon, but knowing you, I'm not. You're a tough chickie! What a beautiful family God has blessed you w
jeanette March 6, 2006  14:38
AWESOME family. Loved the pictures, everyone looks great. Thanks for sharing.
Love Jeanette
Rian March 5, 2006  10:36
I love the pictures of little Tyler. Congratulations.
Joanne Hendriks October 8, 2005  2:52
Hello Pat, You seem to be the person to talk to about MDA camp in Oregon. I have many questions so please mail me.
Thanks. Joanne
By the way, great photos!

Gina July 15, 2005  2:52
Hey Pat! I knew if I checked, you would have your pictures from camp up. Great job!!
Susan June 25, 2005  2:52
Hello Pat! Not too sure if you remember me or not. We use to talk on Habbo awhile back. Glad to see you got your site up, it looks great!
Elsie January 22, 2005  17:01
Great pictures! Keep em coming. Matthew loves seeing pictures of his little cousin.
loig November 22, 2004  1:27
cool :)
Norm July 24, 2004  10:21
Hey pat! just checking in. We've got to get together soon.
Jason July 18, 2004  16:21
Do you know the web site where I can see more camp pictures and also do you have Chris P's e-mail address
jeanette July 10, 2004  20:14
Just thought I'd pop in and see if there were any new pics. They are great keep them comming. love ya
Rosie April 23, 2004  20:12
hey there. cute baby. congrats! love the site.. its gorgeous. miss you katie... love your (lost) camper rosie
Laura Hamilton April 23, 2004  13:44
So, I was talking to Floyd and Travis last week planning this get together. The idea was to cook a nice dinner for the gang considering the fact that pizza and previously frozen foods were their only source of supliment. Night before the thing, Travis can
Frank Sampson April 16, 2004  15:53
Nice site!
Jim April 16, 2004  12:31
Nice work. Are you going to be holding a class on CSS? :-)
Heidi Ivy March 3, 2004  17:24
Hi Pat and kate. How are things? I love the pics
Hans Raines March 1, 2004  18:44

My name is Hans, im from the WV MDA Camp and i am making a folder for my volunteer friends here at our camp in WV. I was wondering if you guys have any ideas from your camp expiences. Camp themes, Campfire Songs, Sports, Arts and Crafts, D
dougie mda 2004 January 24, 2004  0:11
camp camp camp
jeanette dibala January 12, 2004  21:41
I love to look at the pictures. David is changing so much. Great picture of Kate & David in the snow. Keep posting. Love you guys we need to do a family dinner soon Love Jeanette
Steve December 3, 2003  12:12
Nice pictures, hope to spend more time with the little guy, then we have together

Mike Keoprasith November 27, 2003  23:13
Great pics of the baby! Can't wait to meet David. Congrats!
Pari Bose November 21, 2003  12:15

Congratulations to Kate and you! Regards, Pari.
Julie & Bob Grundstrom November 19, 2003  19:35
Wowie and baby makes three!!! Congrats on the new addition to the Anderson clan--he's a keeper. I can't wait to see him. Kate you look marvelous darling! All our love, Bob and Julie xxoo
Stacy, Keith, Brenna, and Evie November 19, 2003  16:31
Hey Patrick...Happy Birthday!!!! The big 30, congrats.
Stacy "Roo" Sterling November 19, 2003  16:30
Fantabulous site! It's so wonderful to be able to see immediate pics of baby, friends, and family! Mom and Dad look so blissfully happy. Pat: Is that your "Mini-Me?" So cute! Love you guys.
Roo Roo
UNCLE HAROLD November 19, 2003  11:07
Jess November 17, 2003  23:58
website looks great!
rexan October 22, 2003  19:40
web site looks great. and mom is also looking great. I haven' talked to crystal yet. you can check out her know baby. go to baby bum. euegne region. love ya rexan
Jim Smith September 25, 2003  17:46
Nice website. I like how it chages colors when you click on your 'Oregon Ducks' link. Now you have to sign the guestbook on my son's website: Hope all goes well with your baby on the way!
Becca September 15, 2003  11:06
There's some great pictures in here.
Bryan Skans September 1, 2003  3:01
Great web-page-site, I like all the pictures from camp.
rexan brooks August 18, 2003  18:10
great pics love them the one of alexi and i is just wonderful. and you better do something better with the oregon ducks link it looks pretty sad. GO DUCKS
Gina Garrett August 2, 2003  23:15
Nice site guys!
Spacey Caysie August 2, 2003  16:52 none
thanx Pat!!
Christophe Perrenoud August 1, 2003  4:27
(^o^) Cruising around and checking your site. It's great, c'est magnifique, hontoni kakoi desu ne!!!! Great choice of color too!!! This definitely had to been on Mac. No question ask....(^-^)/
ladies man July 25, 2003  15:56
You have really good pics. I would like to see more.ok.
Spacey Caysie July 23, 2003  16:46
Can I get a copy of a couple?? I wasn't able to bring a camra and some of those pics would be great for blackmailing..Muahahahahahahah
Keep up the awsome work!!
Love ya both~

Jerod July 21, 2003  0:46
nice site!
Elsie July 18, 2003  12:35
more pics please :)
Bill Buttrumble July 14, 2003  1:51
Hey Pat, your site rawks! Keep up the rumblin'.........WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Bryan June 27, 2003  15:34
Nice math. Good thing you didn't multiply. :-)
Jennifer June 17, 2003  16:08
Cool site
Adam Marshall June 14, 2003  23:18
Nice new site pat!
Mike Keoprasith June 7, 2003  2:06
Two words: NICE!
Nancy June 4, 2003  13:27
Glad to see the site is up. Looks great!Now I'll know where to go to see the baby pictures.

Where are the pictures of the llamas and Hawaii?
Pat Anderson July 26, 2002  22:17
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